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PDS-360 / 360DX Specifications

Power Requirements:

120/220 VAC, ±15%,50/60 Hz, 12-24 VDC @ 15W max.

Temperature: 25°F to 125°F (-5°F with opt. heater)
Display: 2 line x 20 character, Alphanumeric, LCD with LED Backlighting
Totalizer (counter)

One, 8 digit accumulative with programmable multiplier of x1, x10, x100, x1000. 200 daily, time stamped 8 digit totalizers (data Logg)


Two (2) independent 4-20 mA isolated into 1000 ohm max. RS-232 ( MODEM opt.); Four (4) control relay outputs; One (1) Programmable Pulse (250ms. duration) relay output; Relays rated SPDT 5A/250 VAC
Span Range: 0-1.00" to 0-150.00" full scale
Dead Band (blanking): 12" to 36" adjustable
Resolution: 0.01", 0.01 GAL/MIN
Accuracy*: ±0.5% of Range or better. Calculated error less than ±0.04%
Memory: Flash and non-volatile RAM
Flow Equations: Parshall, Palmer/Bowlus, Leopold-Lagco, Rectangular Weirs with and without end contractions, V-Notch Weirs, User Defined, 20 point look-up table
Data Log: 200 Day Flow Summary: min, max, avg GPM and Total Gallons; Time Stamped AVG GPM flow rate with programmable log rate of 00-99 minutes in 1 minute icrements; Time Stamped EVENT list to record flowmeter actions
Download: Directly to serial printer (24 hour summary only); All data directly to PC COM port or MODEM. All Data is preformatted.



* field conditions, such as turbulance etc., may affect the apparent accuracy.


Sensor US70TC w/ temp probe
Exposed Material: PVC Housing, Epoxy
Beam Pattern: 5° Conical (2.5° from centerline)
Temperature: -40°F to 160°F exposure
Cable: 30 ft. corrosion resistant, 1000 ft. max., twisted pair shielded, Belden #8451, Max 50 Volt Pulse applied
Dimensions: 3.0" dia. x 3.5" len.
Mounting: 3/4" NPT male
Temp Probe: Built into Sensor Head
Material: Fiberglass with clear hinged Polycarbonate cover
Rating: NEMA 4X, IP65, Water-Tight, Dust-Tight and Corrosion-Resistant - CSA, UL listed
Dimensions: 7.2" x 11.8" x 6.8"
Mounting: 4.92" x 12.3" with stainless steel mounting feet


Heater/Thermostat, PVC Sensor Mounting Bracket, Sensor Cable, MODEM


Systems are pre-tested and quality control inspected before shipping. Warranty is against defects in parts and workmanship for a period of one (1) year.

Specifications and design subject to change without notice.

Note: PDS-360DX does not have Relay Outputs, Data Logging and RS-232 output.





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