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Spec: 460.04.06


These specifications describe a model CPS-460 and CPS-460DX Microprocessor Based, Ultrasonic Closed-Pipe Doppler Flowmeter as manufactured by Control Electronics, Inc.


The CPS-460 and CPS-460DX Flowmeter shall provide continuous, non-contact flow measurement of liquids containing at least 75 ppm suspended solids or air bubbles, in a full, sonic conductive pipe.


a. The CPS-460/460DX Flowmeter shall be a microprocessor controlled unit with front panel, menu based programming and alpha numeric operator interface. Calibration and programming shall be accomplished using four (4) clearly marked, pressure sensitive "button" areas on the front panel of the controller. All programmed variables and functions shall be Pass Code protected to prevent unauthorized tampering.

b. The Flowmeter shall process the received Doppler signal with an accuracy of 0.5% and be repeatable to within 0.1%. The Flowmeter shall provide two (2) isolated, independently adjustable, 4-20mA. analog output signals proportionalto flow rate (output #1)and Flow Velocity (output#2) into 1000 ohm maximum load each. Outputs shall be fully programmable, with adjustable averaging and damping for steady output to chart recorders and controllers. The analog output signal shall be repeatable to 0.4% and accurate to within 0.5% of full scale. The Flowmeter shall contain all the necessary mathematical equations for all related conversion functions. All settings and readings shall be displayed in 0.01 resolution.

c. The flowmeter shall not require any range selection. Flow Range and Totalizing shall be 0.5 FPS to 25.0 FPS and shall monitor and process the flow signal directly. The flowmeter shall provide two (2) different Programmable methods of flow measurement interrogation for optimal performance.

d. Flow calibration shall be programmable in the field by entering the pipe inside diameter and Site (infield) calibration factor if required. The range of the two 4-20 mA analog outputs shall be independently programmable. The Flowmeter shall be usable on pipe sizes of 1 through 72 inches in diameter.

e. The Flowmeter shall have a "Test Output" mode for 4-20mA. Output Simulation, eliminating the requirement to physically simulate flow velocities for analog output calibration and testing.

f. The Flowmeter shall have a "Test Relay Outputs" mode for testing all relays (not available on 460DX).

g. Flow Signal Strength shall be displayed as a percentage of 0 through 100%. When no-flow condition exist, "NF" (no flow) will be displayed.

h. A programmable LOW-FLOW shutoff, HIGH-FLOW shutoff and LOW SIGNAL STRENGTH shutoff controls and noise suppression circuitry shall ZERO the indicator and output signals when the flow rate or signal strength is below the shut off setting. The low and high flow settings shall be programmable in feet/second velocity. Low signal strength setting shall be in percent. The flowmeter shall also accept an external dry relay contact closure to zero the meter during back flow conditions or to signal the flowmeter that pumping has stopped.

i. The Flowmeter shall provide a programmable filtering parameter to reduce unwanted signal noises.

j. All programmed and Totalized Data shall be saved in nonvolatile memory to prevent loss upon power failure. The flowmeter shall restart with no operator assistance upon return of power. A 12 volt DC battery may be connected to the flowmeter for continuous operation during a power outage.

k. Surge protection shall be provided on the 120VAC power line and 4-20mA. outputs to reduce potential damage caused by unexpected voltage transients.

l. Flow Totals shall be displayed in 8 digits, using a programmable multiplier factor of x1, x10, x100, or x1000. The counter shall not reset or lose data in the event of a power failure or system shut down. The totalizer shall be resettable only after entering a security code.


A two line, 20 character per line, Alphanumeric, back lighted LCD display shall provide instantaneous flow rate indications in GPM, MGD, FPS, PERCENT, FREQUENCY, SIGNAL STRENGTH as well as Totalized Flow Data and Time Stamped Data Logging history of flow totals and all programmed variables. Metric equivalents shall also be selectable.

2.3 DATA LOGGING (Not available on the CPS-460DX system)

The flowmeter shall have Time Stamped Data Logging capabilities. A 24 hour flow summary shall log data for the past 200 days with auto wrap around. Data log shall indicate the days DATE, TOTAL PUMP CYCLES for day, TOTAL GALLONS PUMPED for day, AVG GPM pumped and TOTAL RUN TIME of pumps. The 24 hour flow summary 'Start Time' shall be programmable. Along with the 200 day record, the Flowmeter shall include a time stamped sampled flow rate. The START/STOP time of a pump cycle shall be logged with programmable sample rate of 0-99 minutes in 1 minute increments. System shall stop logging when no-flow condition exist to conserve memory. An RS-232 output terminal and RJ11 modular jack (optional USB Port) shall be available to down load data logging to a PC or serial printer. No special software is required. The user may use Microsoft's HYPER-TERMINAL in WINDOWS to download preformated data. An optional MODEM may be used to download all data remotely.

2.4 SAMPLER/COUNTER OUTPUT (Not available on the CPS-460DX system)

One (1) Programmable 5 Amp SPDT relay Pulse Output shall be provided for operating a remote sampler, counter or other device. The pulse rate shall be programmable from 0 to 999,999 Gallons. Contact closure shall be 250 milliseconds in duration.

2.5 ALARM SETPOINTS (Not available on the CPS-460DX system)

Four (4) 5 Amp SPDT relay closures shall be provided as Alarm/Process control contact outputs. The relay action shall be programmable with the ability to establish independent On-Off settings of each relay for differential control.


A Dual-Head, surface mounted sensor capable of transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic signal shall be provided. The Sensor shall mount on the outside of the pipe wall with ultrasonic couplant using a hose clamp for easy removal of sensor. No part of the sensor shall penetrate the pipeline. The sensing elements shall be epoxy encapsulated in a PVC corrosion resistant housing and shall be provided with 25 feet of PVC jacketed coaxialcable (standard). The Sensor shall operate over the temperature range of -10F to 150F. The Sensor shall be considered explosion proof, corrosion resistant and immersible.


The flowmetering system shall be housed in a fiberglass enclosure rated NEMA 4X, IP65 (watertight, dust-tight and corrosion resistant) with a clear hinged cover for viewing the display panel. The enclosure shall be suitable for wall mounting and withstand submergence to six feet. An optional heater/thermostat may be provided for outdoor installation.


The CPS-460/460DX shall be pretested, calibrated and 100% quality control inspected. The flowmeter shall be warranted against defects in parts and labor for one (1) year from date of shipment.

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