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Doppler Sensors for the CPS-460 Series Doppler Flowmeter

Unique, Non-Contacting, Non-Hazardous

The advantage of Doppler flowmeters is that the sensor mounts on the outside of the pipe. Installation is fast and easy. No stoppage of flow or intrusion into the pipe is required. The sensor may be installed on steel, PVC, stainless steel, cast iron and some lined pipes of 1" diameter and larger. All Sensors are non-hazardous, housed in solid PVC, require no maintenance and are explosion-proof, corrosion resistant and submersible.

Control Electronics offers 2 different sensor designs.

1] Model US40 Single-Head Doppler Sensor (Discontinued September 2006)

General Purpose design

The model US40 Doppler sensor is designed for general purpose flow measurement where highest accuracy is not required.

2] Model US40-DH Dual-Head Doppler Sensor

Enhanced Design

Use the US40-DH Dual-Head Doppler sensor where maximum accuracy is required. The Dual-Head sensor design is more sensitive and linear to the flow. The sensors are mounted across from each other at a 3 and 9 o'clock position on a horizontal or vertical pipe of 20" size or smaller. One sensor head transmits the high frequency sound wave while the other sensor head receives the signal.

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