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Spec: 560.11.08


These specifications describe a model ERS-560 and ERS-560DX Microprocessor Based, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Monitor as manufactured by Control Electronics, Inc.


The ERS-560/560DX Level Monitor shall provide continuous, non-contact measurement of liquid level in any standard containment vessel.


a. The ERS-560/560DX Level Monitor shall be a microprocessor controlled unit with front panel, menu based programming and alpha numeric operator interface. It shall provide two 4-20 mA. analog output signals proportional to level isolated into 1000 ohm load each. Outputs shall be programmed for averaging and shall have additional damping (user adjustable) for steady chart recordings and control.

b. The Level Monitor shall contain mathematical conversion equations to relate measured depth in Cylindrical, Horizontal, Spherical, Rectangular and Square vessels to total gallons.

c. Setup and programming shall be accomplished using four (4) clearly marked, pressure sensitive "button" areas on the front panel of the controller. Unsealed push buttons are unacceptable. All programmed variables and functions shall be PASS WORD protected.

d. The calibration (scaling) of the level monitor shall be accomplished from the front panel and shall accommodate spans of 0-1.00 inch full scale to 0-200.00 inches full scale with ZERO settable to 360.00". The DEAD BAND (Min. Range) shall be adjustable from 12.0 to 36.00 inches, with 12" typical. All settings and readings shall be displayed in 0.01" or 0.01 ft. increments.

e. The Level Monitor shall have a "Test Output" mode for Analog Output Simulation, eliminating the requirement to physically simulate liquid levels for analog output calibration and testing.

f. The Level Monitor shall have an Echo tracking algorithm for tracking level in harsh environments.

g. The Level Monitor shall have an auxilary 'memory back-up' for saving the users programmed settings. In the event of a system failure or unseen event, the Monitor will automatically reset itself to the users programmed settings.

h. Lost-Signal Logic shall be programmable. In the event the Echo return signal is lost, the Level Monitor will alert the operator, then output a programmed % of level (0-99%) until the echo signal returns or corrections are made.

i. All programmed Data shall be saved in non-volatile memory to prevent loss upon power failure. The Level Monitor shall restart with no operator assistance upon return of power. A 12 volt DC battery may be connected to the Monitor for continuous operation during a power outage.

j. The analog output signals shall be repeatable to ±0.4% of range; accuracy shall be ±0.8% of range and calculation accuracy to within ±0.04% of input .

k. The Level Monitor shall monitor the temperature at the measuring site using a built-in temperature probe in the Sensor head or allow for manual entry of temperature for correct temperature compensated calculations. In the event there is a temperature probe error, the Monitor will alert the operator and automatically use an operator programmed default temperature reading for correct calculations.

l. Surge protection shall be provided on the 120VAC power line and 4-20mA. output to reduce potential damage caused by unexpected voltage transients.

m. A Low-Level Shut-Off may be programmed to ZERO outputs when level drops below a programmed level.


A two line, 20 character per line, Alphanumeric, back lighted LCD display shall provide instantaneous Depth indications in INCHES, FEET, GALLONS, PERCENT of level as well as Sensor Temperature and Time Stamped Data Logging history and all programmed variables.

2.3 DATA LOGGING (Not available on the ERS-560DX System)

TheLevel Monitor shall have built-in, Time Stamped Data Logging capabilities, with a programmable logging rate from 0 to 99 minutes of average Level. In addition, daily time-staming of Minimal, Maximum, Average Level and Gallons for each day of the month (200 days) shall be logged for later viewing. An RS-232 output shall be available to download the data logg to a PC. No special software is required to retreive data. The user may use HYPER-TERMINAL in Windows to download preformated data.

2.4 ALARM OUTPUT (Not available on the ERS-560DX System)

Five (5) 5Amp SPDT relay closures shall be provided as Alarm/Pump control contact outputs. The relay action shall be programmable with the ability to establish independent ON-OFF settings of each relay for differential control and Alternate function of relay 1 and 2.


The Level Monitor system shall be housed in a fiberglass enclosure rated NEMA 4X, IP65 (water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion resistant) with a clear hinged cover for viewing the display panel. The enclosure shall be suitable for wall mounting and withstand submergence to six feet.


A US70TC 40Khz PVC explosion proof, corrosion resistant, immersible sensor shall be provided. The Sensor shall be considered explosion proof and suitable for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C & D and Class II, Div. 1, Groups E, F & G environments. The sensor shall be mounted a minimum of 12.0 inches (standard) above the maximum flow level to be monitored and in the event of being submerged, shall resume normal operation when the flow level returns to its normal range. The projected ultrasonic beam shall be no greater then 5 degree conical and suitable for use in a stilling well. Signal applied to the Sensor Cable shall be 60Volts peak to peak to prevent possible harm to personnel and arcing of cable in the event of a loose connection or cable damage. Sensor cable may be shorted with no damage resulting to equipment. Signals greater than approximately 60 Volts applied to the Sensor Cable shall not be acceptable. The sensor shall be capable of being located up to 1000 feet from the Electronic Processing Unit, requiring no special pre-amps or other circuitry. The sensor shall have 3/4 inch NPT male pipe threads for mounting and a built-in temperature probe. Cable shall be a twisted pair shielded. Multiconductor cables shall not be acceptable.


An optional corrosion resistant, PVC sensor mounting bracket shall be provided to accurately position the sensor. It shall have adjustable horizontal, vertical and angular capabilities.


The Level Monitor shall be pretested, calibrated and 100% quality control inspected and be warranted against defects in parts and labor for one (1) year from date of shipment.

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