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Model PSM-660 Pump Station Flow Monitor Controller

* 200 Daily Flow Totals with Daily Pump Summary

*Time Stamped Detailed Data Logging of Pump Cycles

* 5 Programmable Relay Outputs

*Two 4-20 mA Outputs

*Control Up To 4 Pumps

*Quick, Easy Setup

*Flow Rate Meter and Pump Controller in One Inexpensive Package

* Ideal for Billing Purposes



Optional Panel Mount

Brochure - pdf

The accuracy and simplicity of the PSM-660 Monitor makes it an ideal choice for billing purposes.


Control Electronics model PSM-660 Pump Station Flow Monitor Controller is a highly accurate, simple to install pump control, flow monitoring system. The PSM-660 monitors 'volume throughput' in a wet well using standard floats, contact closures, clamp on current sensors or 4-20 mA. input signals. The Pump Station Monitor is microprocessor based to provide inflow and pumping rates along with total pumped flow and two independent 4-20 mA. outputs programmable for pump rate in GPM, inflow rate in GPM and/or level in inches. The user simply enters the wet well dimensions along with pump ON/OFF and START INFLOW elevation points. The PSM-660 will do all the calculations. In addition to monitoring the flow throughput, up to 4 pumps with LOW and HIGH alarm output can be controlled with the PSM-660 system. The operator may program the pump sequencing and alternation type of NONE, LEAD/LAG or ROTATE of pumps providing complete control of the pumps.

The system includes data logging with a 200 day daily summary report providing the date, total number of pump cycles, total run time of pumps, average GPM pumped and total pumped for each day. In addition, a detailed data logging records the date, start time and run time of each pump cycle, the total pumped for each cycle, the inflow GPM rate, the GPM pump rate and sequentially numbers the pump cycles. A time stamped EVENT list is provided to record actions the monitor has made. The 200 daily flow totals can be viewed at the flowmeter or printed directly to a serial printer. All datalogg, including the 24 hour summary, the detailed pump record and time stamped Event list can be downloaded to a PC directly using the RS-232 output. Any standard communication software package such as Hyper Terminal may be used to receive the data and save it to file. No need to purchase and learn new software. All data is preformatted for reports..

The PSM-660 provides five (5) control relays and two (2) independently scalable 4-20mA outputs.

Pump Station with 2 Pumps using optional INFLOW float to monitor the 'volume throughput' of the Wet Well.

How It Works

The PSM-660 Flow/Pump Monitor is a microprocessor based system that uses operator entered dimensions of the wet well and pump ON/OFF elevation points to calculate a volume pumped from the wet well. With the addition of an intermediate float switch elevation point, the flow monitor will calculate the inflow GPM just prior to the start of the pump cycle or select the average inflow rate based on the time it takes to fill the wet well. The inflow value is then applied to the volume pumped in calculating the total volume throughput for the pump cycle.

The final accuracy of the PSM-660 is equal to a precise 'drawn down' test performed on each pump cycle. The monitor may also be programmed to compensate for displaced liquid volume caused by piping and other hardware in the wet well.

The PSM-660 Pump Monitor will monitor up to 7float/contact closures (LOW, PUMP OFF, INFLOW START, LEAD ON, LAG 1, LAG 2, HIGH/LAG 3), or a continuous 4-20 mA. input for complete control of up to 4 pumps with alarm outputs.


The PSM-660 Monitor is simple to install. When monitoring 'volume throughput' only, simply connect the monitor to the auxiliary control contact for pump ON/OFF signaling. The PSM-660 will calculate the average GPM into the wet well and use this in final calculation. For maximum accuracy, install or use an optional spare float for inflow calculation just prior to the pump coming ON.

Use up to 7 floats to take total control of the pumps in the wet well. Using a 4-20 mA input signal from a pressure sensor is even easier to install.

The operator then enters the wet well dimensions, pump ON/OFF and INFLOW START (opt.) elevations via the front panel keypad. The PSM-660 will do the rest..... automatically.






  • Controlling Pumps in Wet Well
  • Monitoring Volume Throughput
  • Billing Purposes
  • Flow Surveys
  • Infiltration Studies
  • Replacing older flowmeters for improved accuracy
  • Flow Meter and Pump Controller in one package
  • Pump Control and Flowmetering in one unit
  • Quick, Easy, Menu-Driven Programming
  • No Sensor calibrating
  • Sequence / Alternate / Rotate up to 4 pumps
  • Accepts Float/Contact closures, 4-20 mA inputs from bubblers, pressure sensors etc.
  • 200 Day Pump Flow Summary
  • Time Stamped Detailed Pump Cycle Summary
  • Five Relay Outputs for Pump Control and Alarms
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X, IP65 Fiberglass Enclosure
  • No Special Software Required to Download Data to PC or laptop Computer
  • RS-232 Serial Connection
  • Two (2) independent 4-20 mA. outputs - Pump Rate, Inflow Rate and/or Level
  • Pump Run time Hour Meters
  • Clamp On Current Sensors
  • Heater/Thermostat
  • Panel Mounting

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