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Downloading Data Log

Using the RS-232 Communication Output Port

The operator may choose to communicate with the product using their PC/Lap Top computer or Modem to download the logged data. This may be accomplished by using any standard communication software package such as HYPER-TERMINAL. All data downloaded is in ASCII format. Each line of data is terminated by a CR (carrage return) and line feed. Downloading of data may be initiated from the meter using the PRINT functions (see your manual) or by the PC/Lap Top computer. Connect your communication cable to the RS-232 terminal barrier as indicated.

(connections to printed circuit board PC-533)


(connections to printed circuit board PC570)

Set Communication Parameters

In order to successfully download data, you must first match the communication settings in both the meter and the PC or printer. The meter sends data in one of three baud rates - 1200, 2400 (default) or 9600 baud (note: 1200 baud has been replaced with 19200 baud on later units). The baud rate is set in the meter by the user in the program section ( see your manual ). You may set the meters ID# at this time and whether data will be sent to a SERIAL PRINTER, PC/LAP TOP or MODEM.

Capture Data to File

If you like to save the data to a file, you must first set your communication software in your PC to 'BEGIN CAPTURE' ( located under HYPER-TERMINAL TRANSFER menu - see your PC software manual for assistance). It is not necessary to 'CAPTURE' the data if you only want to view it on the PC/Lap Top. You may set the 'BEGIN CAPTURE' after the inital 'MENU' has been downloaded from the meter and before making a 'MENU' selection. When download is completed, select 'STOP CAPTURE' under HYPER-TERMINAL 'TRANSFER' menu.

PC/LAP TOP Communication Settings using MODEM (model 2948 ZOOM FaxModem or Equal)

You will need to open WINDOWS HYPER-TERMINAL by selecting:


Open HYPER TERMINAL and select 'CONNECT USING' and your PC Modem. Enter phone number etc. for the remote meter. You should set the PC parameters to match the meters baud rate, no parity, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, XON/XOFF disabled ( i.e. 2400,N,8,1)

PC/LAP TOP Comminication Settings Using Direct Connection

Same as above except under 'CONNECT USING', select 'DIRECT COM 1 or COM 2', whichever you are connected to with your RS-232 cable. You should set the PC parameters to match the meters baud rate, no parity, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, XON/XOFF disabled ( i.e. 2400,N,8,1)

Note: if you only have a USB connection on you PC, you will need a USB to RS-232 converter cable to download data. This converter is available at most computer and office supply stores.

Serial Printer

Use this mode to send data to a serial printer. It is fairly slow because a 3 second delay is performed by the meter for each line sent to allow the printer time to print the line. Be sure to set the serial printers baud rate to match the meters.

To Initiate Download from the Meter

Use this method if your PC software does not support 2 way communication.

Select the PRINT function on the meter (press the UP button on the meters front panel while in the RUN modes or SHIFT button on later units) and select the data type to send. i.e. 30 or 200 day summary, time stamped entries etc.

Once download begins, it will continue until completed or interrupted by pressing the DOWN button for 3 seconds. Once data has been downloaded and captured to file (remember to START the CAPTURE function on your PC before initiating the download) you may import it into a spread sheet or edit the data in a word proceesor for printing etc.

To Initiate Download from a PC or Lap Top

Connect the communication cable to the RS-232 connector on the meter and PC. Open your PC communication software ( i.e. Hyper-Terminal) then:

1] type SHIFT-'A' (default com addr or other as set by the user) to acquire the meters attention. (MODEM is SHIFT-'#' or Com Addr selected by user other than 'A'. 'A' is reserved with MODEM).

2] The meter should respond with a greeting, model number and short MENU. Typical MENU.....


PDS-360 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Enter Download Selection Type .....

  1. 200 Day Flow Summary
  2. Data Entries with plot
  3. Data Entries without plot
  4. Auto Data Entry / Present Status
  5. Terminate Auto Data Entry [#4 above]
  6. Terminate Communication
  7. Reset the Data Log

Hit the SPACE bar to interrupt Download Selection

Your Choice ......


Typical MENU displayed


  1. while the meter is downloading data, the meters keypad is disabled except for the DOWN button which will interrupt the downloading if held for 3 seconds. Press any key on later units.
  2. Hit the SPACE bar at any time during to interrupt the download.
  3. All downloads begin with the most recent data.
  4. All downloads begin with a header indicating model number, ID# and date.

Refer to your manual for details on your particular unit.

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