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CPS-460 Series Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter

* 200 Daily Flow Totals with Daily Pump Summary

*Time Stamped Data Logging of Average Pump Rate with EVENT List

* 5 Programmable Relay Outputs

*Two 4-20 mA Outputs

*Quick, Easy Setup


CPS-460DH Dual Head Flowmeter Shown




Brochure - pdf


Control Electronics series CPS-460 Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter is a highly accurate, non-contacting liquid flow measuring device. The system monitors flow non-intrusively through most standard pipes . The Sensor straps to the outside of the pipe and is microprocessor controlled to provide instantaneous flow rates along with totalized flow volume and two 4-20 mA. analog output flow rate signals.

The system includes an extensive data logging with a 200 day, daily flow summary report providing date, total number of pump cycles, total run time of pumps, average GPM pumped and total pumped for each day. In addition to this is a time stamped data logging of average pump rate and Event list that records the flowmeters actions. The 200 daily flow totals can be viewed at the flowmeter or printed directly to a serial printer. All datalogg, including the 24 hour summary, time stamped average flow rate and time stamped Event list can be downloaded to a PC directly or by MODEM using the RS-232 output. Any standard communication software package such as  Hyper Terminal may be used to receive the data and save it to file. No need to purchase and learn new software. The CPS-460 also provides one (1) programmable pulse relay output for a Sampler or remote counter and four (4) control relays outputs.

Model CPS-460R allows for remote monitoring of up to 1000 feet using an inexpensive two twisted pair shielded cable.

Model CPS-460DX and 460DXR systems have the same features as the CPS-460 system less Relay Outputs, RS-232 Output and Data Logging.

How It Works

Precise flow velocity measurements are continuously made under processor control. The system continuously transmits an Ultrasonic sound wave that penetrates the pipe wall and enters the flow stream. Suspended particles and/or entrained gas/air bubbles in the flow act as reflectors to the Ultrasonic sound wave. The sound wave is reflected back to the receiving transducer (sensor) at a higher or lower frequency, depending on the velocity and direction of the suspended particles in the flow. This change in frequency is the Doppler shift and is directly proportional to the flow velocity (or particle velocity carried by the liquid flow). This information is processed and converted to an average flow velocity and is applied to the respective pipe size ID selected by the operator to calculate a volume flow rate. The CPS-460 will provide flow rates in PERCENT of scale, GPM, MGD, VELOCITY (FPS) along with totalized flow and data logging.The liquid flow must be Newtonian in nature with a well defined flow profile for best accuracy.

Sensor shown on top of pipe for clarity. Typically, Sensor would be mounted at a 3 to 9 o'clock position.


Sensor Mounting Detail


Monitoring and Controlling:

  • Wet Well Pump Stations
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Belt Press Feeds
  • Waste Activated Sludge
  • Valve Positioning
  • Pump Speeds
  • Industrial Process
  • Quick, Easy, Menu-Driven Programming
  • Non-Intrusive Flow Monitoring
  • 200 Day Flow Summarys
  • Time Stamped Average Pump Rate
  • Time Stamped Event List
  • Four Control Relay Outputs for Alarms etc.
  • One Programmable Pulse Relay Output for Sampler or Remote Counter
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X, IP65 Fiberglass Enclosure
  • Signal Strength and Doppler Frequency Indications
  • No Special Software Required to Download Data to PC/Lap Top Computer
  • Two Independent 4-20 mA. outputs
  • RS-232 Serial Connection
  • Single-Head Sensor (special order)
  • Heater/Thermostat for Enclosure
  • 3 oz. tube of sensor couplant (1 comes with unit)

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