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Model ERS-560 Ultrasonic Level Monitor

*Highly Accurate

*Quick, Easy Setup


*Fully Programmable

*Two 4-20 mA Outputs

*5 Programmable Relays


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Control Electronics model ERS-560 Ultrasonic Level Monitor is a highly accurate, non-contacting Liquid Level measuring system. The device uses echo ranging techniques to monitor liquid level. The ERS-560 will measure liquid level in most tank configurations, including Wet-Well lift stations for pump control to industrial chemical tank cars. The sensor is supported above the liquid surface in the tank or holding basin and is microprocessor controlled to provide accurate liquid level measurements along with total gallons stored and two independent 4-20 mA. analog output signals . Five (5) independent alarm relay contacts are standard. Data logging capabilities are also included with a 200 day summary of level and total gallons stored.

How It Works

Precise liquid depth measurements are continuously made under processor control. Ultrasonic sound pulses are transmitted from the sensor and elapsed time of echo return along with temperature measurements are accurately calculated. This information is converted to a depth measurement and is applied to the respective equation for the tank configuration selected. The built-in equations produce a level indication in PERCENT of scale, INCHES, FEET along with temperature indication, total gallons stored and data logging.

Typical ERS-560 Level Monitor Applications



  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Bar Screen Control
  • Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Wet Well Lift Station Control
  • Railroad Tank Cars
  • Positioning Control
  • Lagoon and Basin Level Control
  • Quick, Easy, Menu-Driven Programming
  • Five(5) Setpoint Relay Contacts with Differential Settings
  • 200 Day Summary Report of Level
  • Time Stamped Data Logging with Plot
  • No Special Software Required to View or Download Data to a PC
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X, IP65 Fiberglass Enclosure
  • Smallest Sensor Dead Band of 12"
  • ECHO Signal Algorithms for Precise Processing
  • RS-232 Serial Connection
  • Two independent 4-20 mA.outputs
  • Alternate LEAD/LAG function

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