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Model PDS-360 and PDS-360DX Ultrasonic Open-Channel Flowmeter

*200 Daily Flow Totalizers with Min, Max and Avg GPM Flow Summary

*Time Stamped Data Logging of Average Flow Rate

*Time Stamped Event List

*5 Programmable Relay Outputs

*Two Independent 4-20 mA Outputs

*Quick, Easy Setup


*Fully Programmable



Sensor Bracket

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Control Electronics model PDS-360 Ultrasonic Open-Channel Flowmeter is a highly accurate, non-contacting liquid flow measuring device. The system monitors flow non-intrusively through any standard primary flow device using sophisticated ultrasonic ECHO ranging techniques. The sensor is supported above the liquid flow surface in the primary device and is microprocessor controlled providing accurate, instantaneous flow rates with totalized volume flow and two independent 4-20 mA. analog output signals programmable for GPM, Flow DEPTH and/or Temperature.

The PDS-360 system includes an extensive time-stamped data logging with a 200 day, 24 hour flow summary report providing date, time, MIN, MAX and AVG GPM flows with daily TOTALS. The 200 day summary can be viewed at the flowmeter or printed directly to a serial printer. There is also a time stamped discrete AVERAGE Flow Rate data logging with programmable sample rate and time stamped EVENT LIST data logging. All datalogg, including the 24 hour summary, may be downloaded to a PC directly or by MODEM using the RS-232 output. Any standard communication software package such as MICROSOFTS WINDOWS Hyper Terminal may be used to receive the data and save it to file. No need to purchase and learn new software. The PDS-360 also provides one (1) programmable pulse output for a Sampler or remote counter, four (4) control relays with differential settings and two (2) independently scalable 4-20mA outputs.

Model PDS-360DX system has the same features less Relay Outputs, RS-232 Output and Data Logging

How It Works

Precise flow depth measurements are continuously made under processor control. Ultrasonic sound pulses are transmitted from the sensor and elapsed time of echo return is accurately measured. This information is converted to a depth-of-flow and is applied to the respective equation for the primary flow device selected. The built-in equations, user defined equation or programmable 20 point lookup table produce a flow rate in PERCENT of scale, GPM, MGD, DEPTH in inches or feet along with temperature indication, totalized flow volume and data logging. Metric equivalents also selectable.

The US70TC Sensor uses only an inexpensive twisted pair shielded cable. No complicated multipair cable splices or expensive coaxial cable.

The Ultrasonic Pulse transmitted by the Sensor will reflect off the water surface and return to the Sensor. The time delay from transmit to receiving the ECHO is an indication of the distance of the liquid surface from the Sensor. This distance is subtracted from the 0% flow level (crest) programmed by the user to determine the depth of flow.

The PDS-360 Sensor uses a LOWER PULSE VOLTAGE (typically 40-50 volts max) than most other manufacturers (which can be as high as 400 to 1500 volts). The sensor is considered non-hazardous, eliminating potential arcing of a faulty cable or connection which could be a threat to personnel or the environment.


Monitoring Influent and Effluent flows in:

Built-in Equations
  • Sewage Treatment Plants Industrial Discharges
  • Pre-Packaged Treatment Plants
  • Municipal Sewers
  • Residential Developments
  • Irrigation Channels
  • Agricultural Runoff              
  • Storm Sewer Runoff
  • Quick, Easy, Menu-Driven Programming
  • Four Control Relay Outputs for Alarms, Pumps etc.  
  • One Programmable Pulse Relay for Sampler or Remote Counter
  • 200 Day Detailed Flow Summary Report with Totals            
  • Time Stamped Data Logging with Flow Plot
  • Time Stamped EVENT List to record actions the flowmeter has made
  • No Special Software Required to Download Data to PC/Lap Top directly or with optional MODEM           
  • Waterproof NEMA 4X, IP65 Fiberglass Enclosure            
  • Small Sensor Dead Band of 12 inches for tight Manholes            
  • Flow Signal Algorithms for Precise ECHO Processing
  • RS-232 Serial Connection
  • Two Independent 4-20 mA. outputs
  • PVC Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • Addiotional Sensor Cable (max. 1000 ft.)
  • Teflon Sensor
  • Heater/Thermostat for Enclosure
  • External MODEM
  • Parshall Flumes.... 1" thru 144"
  • Palmer/Bowlus...... 4" thru 72"
  • Leopold-Lagco ...... 4" thru 30"
  • V-Notch Weirs.......22.5 to 120 degree
  • Rectangular Weirs with or without end contractions .... sizes 1.0" to 999.99"
  • User Defined
  • Programmable 20 point Lookup Table

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