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Resetting The Controller

If the SELECT or SHIFT button is held when power is applied to the meter, then released, the user will have access to the meters reset functions. If SELECT is used, the user may reset the flowmeter by saying YES to FACTORY DEFAULTS and NO to USER PRESETS when prompted. The operator must now procede to reprogramming the meter. Note: This reset will set the pass code to 0000.

If the SHIFT button is used, MASTER RESET, it will do the same as above plus reinitalize the time/date and reset the Event List. It will be necessary to set the clock and date. Do this RESET if using the SELECT button above does not work. The Resets can help recover from a processor crash or lockup due to lightning etc. The resets do not affect the totalizer or data log. The user may proceed to resetting the totalizer and /or data log in the PROGRAMMING section and setting the time/date if needed.


If the meter should lockup or crash, it is possible that the flow of the program may have been interrupted by some external event such as lightning, testing back-up generators or some other anomaly on the AC or Sensor input. Turning power OFF and waiting approximately 10 seconds before turning the meter back ON may correct/unlock the meter. If not, it may be necessary to perform a RESET using the SELECT or SHIFT button mentioned above, RESETTING THE CONTROLLER. You should only need to do a FACTORY DEFAULT reset and then reprogram the meter. You should not need to reset the totalizer or data log. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to do a HARD Reset by first turning power OFF to the meter and then removing the 3 volt clock/memory coin battery from its holder for about 1 minute. This will cause a loss of all data, including totals and data logging. Reinstall the coin battery (note polarity) and do a power up reset using the SHIFT button as mentioned above. Procede to reprogramming the meter. You must set the clock and date and reset the totalizer and data log when asked.

Note: model numbers with a DX suffix do not have a clock or data logging.

Note: As of April 2003, this RESET function will perform automatically on most models if a crash occurs and the unit attempts to reboot. Only if the USER-PRESETS are corrupted will the system require an operators attention to reset.

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