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Using External Modem

All of Control Electronics products with MODEM function capabilities have been tested and set up to operate with a Model 2948 Zoom/Fax Modem or equal. Other Modems may or may not function properly.

Connections should be made as shown below before turning power ON. Once Connections have been made and sytems are completely installed, turn power ON to the MODEM.

Apply power to Control Electronics product and proceed to programming (see manual for assistance). When you come to COMMUNICATIONS setup, proceed by programming the baud rate (recommend 2400), an ID# if desired, Communication Address (optional, default is 'A') and DOWNLOAD DATA TO ... selection to MODEM. The MODEM will be initalized by the program. If the COMMUNICATION ADDRESS above was left at 'A', it will automatically be changed to the pound symbol ( '#' ). This will be considered the products address. You can go back and change the address to another value except 'A', 'N' or 'Y', these are reserved. The MODEM is set to answer on the 4th ring.

If the unit is turned OFF or a power failure occurs, the MODEM will automatically be reinitalized when power returns.

No Special Software is required to Down Load Data using the ZOOM MODEM. Communication with the MODEM is accomplished using Hyper-Terminal that comes with Windows. Other communication packages may be used including those found in MacIntosh computers.

The data is preformated and may be captured to file, printed and/or imported into a spread sheet for graphing and analysis.


MODEM Wiring Interconnect - PC 570 Rv2, 3 & 4 as of June 2005


Modem wiring

MODEM Wiring Interconnect - PC 533 Rv2 Sold Prior to June 2005

Cable Connections to 25 pin connector

If the MODEM is purchased through Control Electronics, a 10 foot cable ( max 50 ft.) with connector is supplied.

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